Friday, September 17, 2010

Sauvignon Blanc and Cat's Pee

Ok, if I were stuck drinking one wine day in and day out, I must say (and my wine geek friends will surely have a field day and roll their eyes at me) that Sauvignon Blanc can be pure, unadulterated sipping pleasure. Just the right touch of acidity, and that tart, juicy grapefruit and hint of freshly mown hay mingled with gooseberry to give me goosebumps. I'm NEVER without a bottle in the fridge, as it never fails to please. The bad day at the office. The argument with the bill eollector on the phone? Sauv Blanc. The crappy service at my favorite happy hour haunt? Nothing a decent glass of Sancerre can't fix! It truly is a rugged, all-purpose white. Kind of like Rue in a good chef's kitchen- it simply wouldn't be complete without it. It is the basis upon all good things are started. In fact, I don't doubt there was a little Haut Brion Blanc passed around during the signing of our nation's Constitution! Hey- what could be more inspirational than that? As I sit here, drinking the dregs of my last gorgeous sip of Merry Edwards Russian River Sauvignon Blanc from my glass, I wonder what great works of art and what melodic symphonies were composed over this humble grape? It knows no pretense, it does not age exceptionally well (unless adulterated with a decent whallop of Semillon), yet it never ceases to impress with its layers and complexity, its structure and austerity, and the sheer class and darn drinkability of our wonderful, delicious Sauvignon Blanc. Cat's Pee in a glass? I think NOT!

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