Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Wine Cocktails

It's currently 93 degrees here in New England with insane humidity, causing us to run for the shade and tempting indoor air conditioning. So what to drink to cool off? While Rose' is my go-to summer "all-purpose" wine to go with everything from salads, to BBQ to local shellfish, sometimes a girl's just gotta have a cocktail to enliven and refresh after a long day of sun worship. My favorite cocktail of the season has been a hit with my wine-loving friends and customers, The St. Germain Cocktail. This deliciously floral, aromatic drink is so complex, made from French Elderflowers. Mix 2 parts Dry sparkling wine or dry white wine with 2 parts club soda, and 1 1/2 parts St. Germain Liqueur. I mix a pitcher of these on the patio and find myself running to the kitchen to make more in short order! When I like a little white-pepper type of spiciness to my cocktails, I like to make the Montparnasse, a blend of 1 1/2 parts apple brandy, like Laird's Applejack, Calvados, or Clear Creek's Apple Brandy, with 3/4 part St Germain, 1/2 part fresh lemon juice, and 1/2 part Sauvignon Blanc. It has all the zestiness of a great dry white with the added spice of the apple and citrus kick. Finally, for fans of the Negroni, or Aperol will rejoice with a great cocktail called the Bois de Rose. 3/4 part St. Germain, 1/4 part Aperol, 1 part Gin, 1/4 part Fresh lemon, topped with Sparkling Rose or Brut Rose Champagne. You get that wonderful bitter component of the Aperol, the floral component of the St Germain, and the aromatic/ savoriness of the Gin. Oh yeah..... Grab a thermos, measure up and head out on the water, to the pool, or the back deck for a celebration that will cost you and your friends less than $50 for an entire day's worth of deliciousness!! Cheers!