Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Days with Rose'

Elvis is dreaming of chasing pigeons at my feet, his legs twitching wildly in an imagined chase across the park in his head. My feet are up, bowl of soup in hand, and I'm ready to go. Almost....It's raining outside. Not just rain, but that dark, gloomy, 'put on your best sweatpants' kind of weather that keeps us from truly functioning on a day like today. If Only it were Sunday.....Ahhh...but it could be! I walk to the fridge and instantly make the choice between ice tea and a chilled bottle of Domaines Ott Chateau de Selle Rose' (really WAS there a choice in there?).

Butternut squash soup with truffle oil?- OH YEAH! A little fresh pepper? Don't mind if I do! Now it's seasoned perfectly to bring out the spicy and elegantly crisp wild strawberry flavors of the Ott. Juicy pears, and a hint of white pepper and tropical fruit take you to the white, sandy beaches of St. Tropez, where beautifully tanned people hand you glass after glass on your private yacht whilst sailing with Matthew McConaughey (sans shirt of course!)- Sorry this is MY daydream we're in. For you gentlemen, just improvise- I suggest Penelope Cruz- lol!

Anyway, I digress. Ott may be the "King" of Rose, but the Queen is without a doubt the gorgeous wines of Bandol, made primarily from the Mourvedre grape. These wines of great intensity and character are noble and refined. Truly of royal blood. For the best of the best, try Domaine Tempier or Chateau Pibarnon. They are the benchmark for the region and will stop the show with their floral nature. Tiger Lilies come to mind with pineapple and dried cranberries. Gorgeous.

Back to my couch and Facebook on this rainy day. But I'm not at all discontented with my Ott, my soup, and my trusty Labrador at my side.


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