Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can you guess what MY favorite wine is?

HI All!

Those who know me well, know that I'm a Burgundy Girl all the way. Unfortunately, having a Burgundian-centric palate does have its drawbacks........Number One being price. For me, the "Holy Grail" of the Cotes du Nuits is and always will be Chambolle Musigny. I covet them, jumping at ANY opportunity to taste them or get my hands on a rare bottle from this gorgeous region. As fellow Burghounds will easily profess, it's not Chambolle's power or big structure that makes our mouths water. It is SO MUCH MORE than that. It is that beautiful, perfumed, elegant, feminine component that is both aggressive/ assertively raw and oh-so-refined all at once. It's the "What IS that?" component of this wine that makes it so intriguing to me. I have a compulsion to study it, re-taste and analyze it again and again, hoping to catch the wine in its perfect moment of development that is the height of Pinot perfection. Ok, reading this, I seem a little fanatical, but I know at least one respected Burghound, my good friend and customer, Thomas Ryder, former CEO of American Express and Chairman of Reader's Digest, owner of one of the largest Euro-centered wine collections in the country who will agree with me......Earlier this year, I had the misfortune of falling ill, with a series of hospitalizations. Tom was kind enough to call with the suggestion, "What wine will cure you?" Well, you can guess my answer!!!! An BY GOLLY, as of today, I FEEL GREAT! Thanks Tom- you were right! It worked!!!

Check out my top three picks for sensational Chambolle:

Joseph Drouhin Chambolle Musigny Premier Cru 2006- $85- 2 cases/ 4 bottles available- Ok, LE MUSIGNY goes for $400 and up IF you're lucky enough to get your little hands on some......THIS wine is nearly 100% de-classified Musigny (yes, the GRAND cru) in the seductive blend. Serious, Serious, serious juice. A MUST experience wine! Guaranteed to make you smile!

Domaine Ponsot 2004 Chambolle 'Les Charmes'- 3 bottles available- $85- Are you kidding me? Ponsot? Available on a SHELF? Really...unheard of. Grab this rare Burg before I do!!! The "holy Grail of the Cotes du Nuits"...Right here, but not for long......


Amiot -Servelle Chambolle Musigny 2004 Derriere de la Grange- 90 points Burghound (Allen Meadows)
NOW: $75- save nearly 40%!!!!!
“A ripe and ultra elegant red pinot fruit nose precedes the precise, edgy and intense flavors that are underpinned by a linear, dry and long finish. This is absolutely striking yet fashioned in an understated, fresh and vibrant style.”