Saturday, October 27, 2012

Storm Staples- what to drink when the lights go out!

I'm visiting my friends here at Greenfield Liquor Shop and Premier Wines in Fairfield, CT and the place is HOPPING with folks stocking up for a few days at home with hubby and the kids with no lights. Here's some suggestions for cozying up by candlelight the next few days. Avoid beer- it needs to be ice cold in order for maximum enjoyment. Plan B- Load a cooler with ice and drink away! Grab some softer reds that don't need food to be enjoyed, or work well with hard cheeses. I'd avoid the soft cheeses as they will get pretty runny without proper refrigeration. Here's a few suggestions for good Storm-worthy reds: American, Oregon, Chilean or New Zealand Pinot Noirs. Why? They are generally fruity and easy to drink with or without food. If doing cheese- find something milder or a Gouda that isn't too aged. Dolcetto- Why? it's the Pinot Noir of the North- Italy's North that is! Elegant, fresh and super delicious with charcuterie and all kinds of yummy dishes. Even a cold pasta salad will work with this lovely red. Port- You may think this premature, but man, there's few things more delicious than a big bar of dark chocolate and a super-ripe ruby or reserve port. Grab a good thriller novel and you're in business! If a big box of cookies is more your style, don't fret- tawny ports go beautifully, and when the freezer is in danger of melting, pull out your ice cream for a real pairing of bliss! Bourbon- I'm a real Bourbon fan, because while it warms me up to my tippy toes, it still has a glorious hint of orange peel and spices with toasty wood and a bit of sweetness to take the "edge" off of it. Woodford Reserve is always easy to find at your local stores and is pretty darn good for a commercially available bottle. Otherwise seek out Booker and Hirsch for a real treat! I hope I've given you the necessities to make your storm a more pleasant experience! Batten down the hatches and down the hatch with some delicious wine and spirits! Stay safe everyone!

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