Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4th of July "Go-to" wines

It's me, a cooler, some soppressata, manchego, St. Andre, chips and guacamole, and of course- WINE this weekend- all headed out for some fun in the sun; a little boating, a little beach, a little dinnertime on the patio with friends....What more can a girl ask for? Hmmmm.....Something affordable, refreshing, and great with burgers, dogs, steaks AND lobster. Wow- tough bill to fill! Well...NOT REALLY! Some wines are so gosh darn versatile that they'll travel as spontaneously as you do! Try these on for size, and they won't disappoint this weekend....

  • REDS:
  • Montepulciano: check out Quattro Mani- soft, easy to drink and not heavy
  • Pinot Noir: My all time favorite red- great with tuna steaks and lobster too- try Permutations Pinot Noir from Australia- it's juicy and delicious!
  • Beaujolais- Throw a little chill on Beaujolais, and you're in great company! it is the perfect burger wine on a hot day.Period! Check out George Duboeuf Regnie
  • Cabernet Franc- yes, that's NOT a typo- there's a fabulous grape grown in the region of Chinon, Loire, France, California, and Chile that is simply FAB! The depth of texture in Cabernet Sauvignon without the weight, with lots of chewy fruit, and a hint of Moroccon spices! Try Charles Joguet Chinon Cuvee Terroir
  • Grenache- comes in all shapes and sizes, but I'm a fan of two totally different styles- one being the Ogier from Cotes du Rhone (soft and silky) and the Evodia (big and bold)- it just depends upon my mood, the temperature, and my food!


  • Chenin Blanc- I LOVE this grape! It's fruitier than Sauvignon Blanc, but without being cloying- it generally has a crisp finish- especially styles from the United States and South Africa- check out the Cape of Good Hope from S. Africa, and the Pine Ridge Chenin/ viognier from California
  • Riesling- I can't get enough of the stuff- especially once summer hits. This grape really stands up to just about anything you throw at it- Seriously! Try Wurtz Riesling for a BONE dry style, or St. Urbans Hof for a medium-dry beauty.
  • Verdejo- Huh? What's that? It's a cool Spanish white from the high altitude region of Rueda, where nothing grows but this awesomely crisp white. A great Sauvignon Blanc alternative- Analivia is my favorite under $10
  • Sauvignon Blanc- My old standby- really hard to screw this grape up unless, of course you add too much wood, and THAT's just gross......However, the un-oaked styles with hints of fresh mown hay and pineapple entice me seductively- like the Chateau Magence- it's CRAZY inexpensive, and from Graves, Bordeaux!


  • Anything goes for me here (I'm so easy, and so is Rose'~ LOL!) Try Mesache, Muga, Coppola Sofia, La Scolca Chiara, and Domaine Tempier Bandol. These will ROCK your world!

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