Monday, June 22, 2009

Rose'- it's not just for chicks

Hi Folks,

It is MUGGY outside! There is nothing more refreshing or a better cure to "Beat the Heat" than a gorgeous glass of the pink stuff! (and I'm not talkin' lemonade). For perfect example- yesterday I did some yummy lamb chops on the grill with a dry rub of cumin and clove and rosemary over tossed salad with balsamic. It was sticky as heck outside, and as much as I love a great glass of Syrah, I wasn't about to stoop to chucking ice cubes in the glass. So what did I grab? A bottle of Syrah Rose', of course! Its incredible acidity, and moderate tannins cut through the spice and fattiness of the lamb. The floral strawberry notes brought out the sweetness of the balsamic- just divine! Try the following:

  • Mesache Rosado from Spain

  • Relais de Cavalier from Provence

  • Chapoutier Bellaruche Cotes du Rhone

  • Falesco Vitiano from Umbria, Italy


  1. Hey Amy! Wonderful idea! You know how I love Rose's and it sounds so refreshing. I will definitely check out your short list. Any huge price differences I should be aware of before starting my hunt? I am so budget conscious right now. Thanks. Ivana

  2. Oh boy...that DOES sound tasty on a muggy day like today. I better fire up the grill!!